The tiktok Application Cloud

The tiktok suite of applications includes a compelling list of advanced administration features to simplify the management of major events, allowing event professionals to to get back to the job of building and improving their event.

tiktok is the only system available today which can run your event web site, handle all of your online registrations and changes, distribute email newsletters, manage and collect fundraising initiatives and then seamlessly move into timing mode for on-the-day race timing and post-event results.

Advanced Athlete Management

tiktok registration’s advanced athlete management includes automated bib numbering in flexible sequences. It can also be configured to withold bib numbers where appropriate such as for teams, postal race packs or novelty race numbers. Wave Management allows event managers to allocate specific capacities to named waves and manage their filling, adjusting queued team entries as appropriate.

Managed Teams

Team managers can use their normal tiktok login to access team tools to monitor, adjust and pay for their team entrants, close team entry, etc. Teams access can be secured by password and team manager’s can distribute direct Team Entry URLs to allow entrants to register and automatically join the team.

Empowering Entrants

It is crucial for the cost-effective management of large-scale events to allow entrants to manage their own registrations. The secure tiktok entrant portal allows entrants to log in with their password or via facebook to access their registrations, etickets and receipts and manage upgrades, additions, transfers and withdrawals.

Responsive & Awesome

It is no longer enough in today’s market to provide an average interface to your customers which works OK on their PC. More and more people are moving away from standard PCs and doing all of their online business on their smartphone or tablet. The tiktok Registrations entry forms, entrant dashboard and the event web sites we design are fully responsive, so they look great no matter where they are viewed.

Tight Fundraise Integration

With tiktok’s built-in fundraise functionality, the entrant’s fundraise page can be built immediately upon successful completion of the registration process and shown to the entrant. They can then manage their fundraise activities from within the same portal as their registrations and results – tiktok Dashboard.